Saturday, May 29, 2010

The "They" Family

Have you heard of the terrible family They, and the dreadful venomous things They say? Why, half the gossip under the sun, if you trace it back, you will find begun in that wretched House of They.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas Update

I've been in Texas since the 15th. My first stop was Calvary Baptist Church in Andrews. They are such a wonderful fellowship who have been involved in our ministry in Peru since day one. As a matter of fact, they were to first ones to come along beside of us. I really do love and appreciate them. I got to share on the Eternal Reality of the Rapture.

My second stop was at Calvary Christian Fellowship in Midland. They too have been really involved in our ministry in Peru. I got to share with them from 1 Timothy 2. Great group.

Tomorrow morning, Aaron and I are headed down to Corpus Christi. It's going to be about an eight hour drive, but we'll head out early so that we can make the evening service. Please keep us in prayer as we travel.