Is the Church Israel?

Many teach today that upon salvation, we the church (Body of Christ) become part of spiritual Israel. Not physical Israel, but a spiritual one. My question today is if the Bible truly teaches that?

Water Baptism

The question that I have been struggling with since I moved away from an Acts 2 view of the birth of the church is, "What about baptism?" Is that for us today? Where are we told in Scripture that we are to be baptized? Is it required for salvation as some say? Or is it just required for obedience? 

The Word of God is central to the whole of the Christian faith. I would submit to you that the entirety of our faith rests upon it. To adequately understand the topic, we must take a look at several issues including revelation (both general and special), inspiration (both views and proofs), inerrancy, and ultimately canonization.

After years of teaching ministry, I have come to believe that we are simply looking at the book of Acts through the wrong lens. This was my first attempt at addressing the issue.

The question that I posed to my Bible study was, "Are we living in the New Covenant?" After all, in all of our Bibles, there is a page between Malachi and Matthew which clearly says, "New Testament" which means New Covenant, right? 

With so much confusion in the church today about Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology, I wanted to just take a moment to define them both briefly and to present the latter as the one that I embrace and why. 

For many, Romans 11 is a very confusing because different denominations interpret it in different ways. The reason is because one group sees the church as the new or spiritual Israel while another keeps the two distinct. Let's take a closer look. 

In this study we take a look at the creation account as found in Genesis, chapter one and two. This is based on a paper that I wrote in 2014 for a class called Old Testament Background Studies in Genesis.

Many today struggle, especially in a culture that denies absolute truth, that the Bible says what it means and means what it says, period. Not a very popular idea for sure. However, when it comes to biblical interpretation, we can both be wrong, but we can't both be right. I suggest to you today that the main reason for incorrect Bible interpretation, other than just sheer ignorance and a desire to twist the scriptures to mean something they do not agree with, is inconsistency and a failure to adhere to the fundamentals of biblical interpretation.

In this study, we take a look at some of the basics of our faith.

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