Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Passover, Part 2

Last week we began looking at the first Passover in Exodus 12. We noticed first that they were to select a Lamb on the 10th day of Nisan (v.3). Second, the Lamb was to be an unblemished male (v.5). Third, the Lamb was to be kept among them for what amounted to 3½ days (v.6a). Fourth, the Lamb was to be killed on the fourteenth of Nisan (v.6a). Fifth, the blood of the Lamb was to be applied to the top and sides of the door of their home (v.7). Sixth, once the Lamb was dead, it was to be roasted in fire (v.8). Seventh, they had to eat the Lamb (v.11a). Eighth, we also notice in v.46 that none of its bones were to be broken. Ninth, they had be girded (dressed) and ready to go (v.11b). Tenth, the blood on the household caused God's judgment to pass over it (v.13). Eleventh, once the Lamb was killed, no leaven was to be eaten or even found in the house (v.15).

Now let’s see how our Lord Jesus fulfilled all of these. First, Jesus entered the eastern gate on the 10th day of Nisan (April 6th), thus the lamb was selected. Second, Jesus was an unblemished male. There was no fault found in him (John 18:38). Third, Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem for 3½ days after He had entered the city on the 10th day of Nisan. Fourth, Jesus was killed on the fourteenth day of Nisan which on our Julian calendar is April 10th. Fifth, Jesus has made his blood available and it is the only way that we are going to escape judgment and death. Sixth, Jesus endured the fire of God's judgment, by descending into Hell and taking our punishment upon Himself. Seventh, we too, must appropriate Jesus Christ by partaking symbolically in Communion and literally by accepting him into our lives as Lord and Savior. Eighth, none of Jesus’ bones were broken (John 19:31-36). Ninth, we too, should live in expectancy of the imminent return of Jesus Christ and should always be ready to go. Tenth, when we apply the blood of Jesus to our lives, God's judgment passes over us. Eleventh, once we have applied the blood of Jesus Christ to our lives, sin (leaven) should not be found in our homes. How about you? Is Jesus your Passover Lamb?

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