Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gleanings from Genesis

I have been reading through the book of Genesis and I noticed a few things that I've known in time past but really excited me again. It is in respect to Abraham, Isaac, the unknown servant and Rebekah.

In Genesis 22:1 we see Abraham who was willing to offer up his son Isaac as a living sacrifice. Abraham is a type of the Father who was willing to do the same with His own Son, Jesus Christ.

In Genesis 22:19 we notice that when coming back down the mountain from which Abraham fully intended to offer Isaac, that Isaac is not mentioned as coming back down with Abraham. I'm sure that he did, but the point is that Isaac is a perfect type of Christ in that once he was sacrificed and was taken up into heaven, He will not appear again until He meets His bride.

In Genesis 24:2 we notice that no name is given for the servant who went to get Isaac's bride. We can assume from Genesis 15:2 that it was Eliezer. However, the lack of a name completes the type of the Holy Spirit. Like the servant, the ministry of the Spirit today is to seek out a bride for Christ. Also, notice that the servant, like the Holy Spirit, does not speak of Himself (John 16:13-14).

Finally, in Genesis 24:64 we see the bride of Isaac, Rebekah. She is a type of the Church in that she was presented to Isaac as a virgin (2 Corinthians 22:2). I couldn't help but also notice that the Scripture says that when she saw Isaac that she "took a veil and covered herself." That is where we get the practice today in our modern wedding ceremonies of the bride covering her face before being presented to the bridegroom. Actually, the wedding ceremony is simply a type of the Church (the bride) being presented to her husband (Jesus - the Bridegroom). What a beautiful picture!

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