Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was teaching the other day through the book of Matthew with the students and I made this comment, "If you want to see where someone's heart is, check their Day Planners and their Checkbooks." After I said that, one of the students added, "and their Facebooks!"

After class, I started looking at people's Facebooks and I must totally agree. For the first time, I started looking at what the postings where about and who they were about. Many of them where innocent enough and not very revealing, others very clearly indicated that the things of God where the most important to them. and yet others were quite obvious that the things of this world occupy their hearts and minds. I'm not saying this to condemn, but quite frankly I was saddened and sometimes a little shocked at what we as Christians are willing to reveal about ourselves to the entire world. To you, it may be just a picture. However, the old saying still holds true, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Yes, I agree, if we want to see where someone's heart is, we need only check their Day Planner, Checkbook and their Facebook. All three added together will really give you a pretty good glimpse as to what is going on in their lives spiritually. It's the places were we spend our time, our money and our thoughts that ultimately determine where we are spiritually. I can't check anyone's Day Planner or Checkbook, but my own. However, I can check their Facebook. What does your Facebook say about you?

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  1. Great point. I was not on facebook and resisted the trend until my brother moved from Canada to Australia. I signed up to keep in contact with him. After signing up, many people that I know have contacted me to be 'friends'. These are Christian folk that I used to know but have lost contact with. I am appalled at how the talk on their 'walls'.


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