Saturday, December 11, 2010

Staff Christmas Party

After winding down an elementary Christmas play Friday night; my Saturday started at 8:30am when Jannett and I ran over to the school and took down all of the Christmas decorations; including an 8 ft. Christmas tree; stuffed them into our little Mazda 323; carried them over to the restaurant and set them back up for our scheduled staff Christmas party that night at 4:00pm.  In the end, it was a success.  The boys and I got to lead in a few Christmas carols and read the Christmas story.  Unfortunately, I popped a “G” string on the first song and the restaurant was a little loud for the occasion.  However, in the end, the food and the fellowship were excellent.  Conclusion?  We have a great group of teachers and staff at ICSL (International Christian School of Lima)!

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