Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

I used to sing this song by the Kingsmen Quarter as a child.

In summertime it is too hot, in winter it's too cold; In Spring and Fall when the weather's nice there's some place else to go -- Either to the mountains or to the beach, or visit some old friend; Or stay at home and hope that some of the relatives will drop in. A headache every Sunday morn, and a backache Sunday night; But by the time on Monday you're feeling quite all right. But maybe some of the children had a cold -- Pneumonia, you suppose -- So all the family had to stay at home -- and blow the poor child's nose!

Excuses, excuses; you'll hear them every day the devil will supply you, if from Church you'll stay away. When people come to know the Lord, the devil always loses, And so to keep them from the Church he offers them EXCUSES!!!


I do appreciate any observations or questions you may have.

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