Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If I Were the Devil

Paul Harvey recorded this in 1965!

If I were the Devil - Paul Harvey (Warning for America) - Sermon Videos


  1. He has a point. Every point that he said he (the devil that is) would do, that is what is happening now. This video does seem as though it were made just a few years ago. It is sad that this is true, however it is predictable. The Bible warns about all of this and Harvey was just wise enough to see it for what it was.
    -Calvin W

  2. It is rather sad to see how all of those things are what is currently occurring in the world. The video attempted to warn the nation of what would happen to them and yet America ignored the warning and fell down that path. The part where Paul Harvey says that the symbol of Easter would be the egg and the symbol of Christmas would be the bottle was extremely accurate to what is occurring today. Harvey saw clearly what the Bible warned against, but the nation slowly became more and more ignorant to the Word.

  3. Robyn also said...
    I agree that this is very accurate and saddening, but the truth is that we have brought it upon ourselves. One way this has happened is through the world's exposure to media and it has definitely become something very influential. Similar to the picture of the girl being glued to the TV, and not to mention damaging her eyes, many youngsters are drawn into a culture that accepts superficiality. We are blind to what is right, and in turn, we are destroying ourselves. People feel they have to look a certain way to be admired, and fall into sexual immorality, but for what reason? To be acknowledged for who you are on the outside and some fleeting feeling with someone who doesn't respect you enough to marry you first? It's all very superficial and to be honest, meaningless. God really has been shoved aside. They seek love, but it has been here all along.

  4. This is amazing! how true it is and how long ago it was this man preticted it. Ap

  5. When I saw the picture of Jersey shore I could somehow see how our society is getting more and more wicked by the day with the television shows and celebrities we have today. Our culture is setting a bad example for the young kids of this generation and I believe thats quite saddening.

    -Isabella G.

  6. It's sad how accurate he was able to be. It shows that the nation of America decided to completely ignore the signs that the Bible shows will happen and is now happening.
    -Nicky Scott

  7. It was crazy how correct he was! It seems as though this video could've been made last year or even a couple months ago!
    -Anna Catherine


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