Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dying Daily


  1. In this audio, you discuss that John can forgive our sin but is that not God's department?Does he get special permission from God? I understand the concept of Christianity having a "Price Tag" but I do not understand why? As if the world will make fun of you for having a good future and for having a soul. When you said that people who abide extreme sin will not inherent the kingdom of god, does that mean people who don't abide sin DO? But wouldn't that mean the wouldown the kingdom of heaven and that God would be dead? This is how I interpreted the word inherent.Dying daily meaning that everyday the "Price" for Christianity will grow?

  2. I agree with what you say. In the end times the Christians will get allot more problems since this world is a sinful world. Today you can see that Christians are already been having to reject their religion because of differences. With all the religions that are now on the planet you can see that a surplus of people are being dragged away from God. In my opinion with The United States, most of the problem is because people who do believe in God in America don't want to be rejected. In my thinking if godlike people with knew the truth would spread it, in there nation then their nation would grow with God.


I do appreciate any observations or questions you may have.

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