Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rabbi Yitzjak Kuduri’s Prediction

Only time will tell, but it is very interesting.


  1. I do not know exactly how I feel about this... It seems unrealistic but at the same time so very realistic! I do, fully believe that Christ will present Himself in to certain people differently than to others, and I do believe that if He chooses to present Himself in a dream that He can; but what catches my attention is that not even Christ knows the day of His return. So, to say that Christ came in a vision and said that He would return on the day of Ariel Sharon's death, just does not make sense to me. I think that while it is possible it is very unlikely. I do not want it to seem like I am doubting it, but I personally cannot comprehend that!

  2. I am also amazed and kind of freaked out. The idea that Jesus would appear in a dream...crazy and yet very likely to have happened. And its no coincidence that the name Yehuosh or whatever it was means Jesus, and also happens to be the hebrew root word of 'salvation'. He could have made it all up, but just by looking at his face you can tell that he's a no-nonsence type guy. I hope he's right.

  3. I honestly do not know what I think about this. I am still in a state of shock and amazement. I do believe that God is able to reveal Himself through dreams and visions, although I do not think that God will say when Jesus will come back. No, he did not say when Ariel Sharon was going to die exactly, although I don't know if I believe that his dream was correct. To agree with Caroline, not even Jesus knows when He is coming back to get us Christians. If this dream is correct, then why would God tell a human Rabi when Jesus is coming and not Jesus himself? It doesn't seem right nor accurate to me. Nor do I understand how this Rabi did not believe in the Messiah his whole life, then on his death bed, he says that the Messiah is coming when Ariel Sharon dies? Yes, I do believe that God can change people, although I find that a bit hard to believe.

  4. God is amazing, He is in control of all things and is a God of power. Only He knows when he is coming back and when the Second Coming will take place, but we must be ready and beaware of the signs He gives us, such as this one. God is a God of magisty and He is awesome. We are truly certain that God can reveal himself through dreams, visions, and other signs. All we have to do is keep believing in what the Bible tells us about the "end times". One must not rely in a human beign though, we must keep our eyes open but not believe what a human, "god's creation" says about Him. It is kind of uncertain that this Rabi is telling the truth, because it is a matter of faith, but I am not certain that this information about God is accurate, in my opinion. Therfore we must keep a steady eye out in the horizon because we never knows when God will appear to us.


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