Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's a Start

Quite frankly, I write all of the time, but I am not the biggest fan. I write out my messages when I preach, my outlines when I teach, my assignments when I take classes, and type endless amounts of emails and chats all day long. Yet, I have never been that good at just writing. I mean just expressing thoughts on paper with no deadline in view and no format to mind. However, I am going to start trying because I have become convinced that it is quite therapeutic for me. 

Now, what should I write about? My thoughts each day are normally filled with people that I interact with, my time studying the Bible, my work, meetings that I attend, assignments that I am given, and yes, politics. How in the world can anyone not have some opinion on that subject today! Seems like everyone has suddenly become an expert on all things political. Striking considering the vast majority of Americans do not even actively participate in the political process. 

Let's start out with politics since I am apparently on that subject. I am puzzled when I see people in the streets shouting, "not my president". Well, do tell? If he is my president, but not your president, and we both live in the same country, where does that leave me? I can only assume that they are trying to impose their will on the rest of us. The question is will we let them?

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