Saturday, May 13, 2023

The Dual Natured Kingdom

There is a teaching in the church today that is called the Dual Natured Kingdom. It is the Kingdom that Jesus spoke of is here spiritually, but not yet physically. In other words, the church has the spiritual realities of the promises Kingdom that was given at Pentecost, but not yet the physical. Some refer to it as "almost, not yet". 

The results of this faulty teaching are pretty obvious according to Dr. Randy White. They include:

1. The Bible speaks only of an earthly, physical, and fraternal Kingdom.   

2. This teaching fails to distinguish the Body of Christ from the Kingdom leaving the two to be conflated.  

3. This teaching requires that the realities of the "spiritual" Kingdom be experienced today, i.e., authority, dominion, miracles, etc. 

4. The biproduct of this teaching is the ecumenical social justice movement that is now prevalent in most mainstream denominational churches.

5. The Roman Catholic Church was the first to embrace this teaching and must stand on it or they would cease to exist. 

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