Monday, May 28, 2012

An Unconverted Ministry

Zechariah 11:15 Then the LORD said to me, "Take again the equipment of a foolish shepherd.

George Tennant wrote a famous booklet called "On the Danger of an Unconverted Ministry" which helped to start the First Great Awakening in 1741. In it he says of the ministers of his day, They comfort people before they convince them; sow before they plow; are busy in raising a Fabrick, before they lay a Foundation. These fooling Builders do but strengthen Men's carnal security, by their soft, selfish, cowardly discources. They have not the Courage, or honesty, to thrust the Nail of Terror into sleeping souls……Poor Christians are stunted and starv'd, who are put to feed on such bare Pastures, and such dry Nurses…..O! it is ready to break their very hearts with grief, to see how lukewaarm those Pharisee—-teachers are in their public discources, while sinners are sinking into damnation, in Multitudes!

Sadly, that doesn't sound that far off in the year 2012.

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