Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If We Believe All the Same Things, Why Do Our Churches Seem So Different?

If We Believe All the Same Things, Why Do Our Churches Seem So Different? – Kevin DeYoung

Excellent thought-provoking article.


  1. So true. I have seen this in many churches without even knowing. Where I went to church the pragmatism was common.

  2. Wow. Too many people just don't know the Bible well enough because they don't spend enough time in the word apart from church. Too many churches try to please contemporary audiences.
    -Anna Catherine

  3. At this rate there wont be a real church, and people will forget about what the gospel really is.

    Enoc Sibbick

  4. Great article. A description of the christian churches all around the world, sad description, I would say. I think the biggest problem is that churches don't study the Word of God and, therefore, don't obey what God has written in order to live a truly christian life. The Christian life is a matter of obedience. We must be doers and not only hearers of his word.

  5. This is very true. Sometimes pastors don't want to teach on things that the congregation probably won't want to hear, but Jesus spent a lot of his time teaching about Hell and so the pastors should do the same. Also when the sermon is already written to accomodate the more contemporary types of people.
    -Daniela Quesada

  6. This article makes very valuable points. I feel like the modern day church for many, has lost it’s meaning. Personally I feel like church has been glamorized to be this big castle-like building where you dress up to go and be serious. In a way it foreshadows religion. At least growing up in a catholic home that’s what it felt like. But this article is right about the missing links of what it really means to be a Christian. Liberals are not all bad, and conservatives are definitely not all good but combining ideas of both, one may be able to reach a sincere faith and love for God.

  7. Pastors have created this situation by caressing the narcissism known as ‘felt needs,’ creating a culture of “me,” supporting something that is theologically already amiss. As we coddle people, and continue to support their ‘needs’ with programs, we merely satisfy their wants as consumers, not at servants and serve their flesh.

    grace c.

  8. I think the guy is completely right. Pastors are trying to make churches as big as possible, and to do this they tend to change everything the way the people want it to be and avoid subjects they don't want to hear. However what people want to hear is what the world tells them is right and therefore the churches are slowly straying away from the Bible.
    -Christian G.

  9. I agree with most of what this guy is saying. The fact that some ministers completely change their sermons to the what the people want to hear, which is not stuff that comes from the Bible, is sad. They should read the Bible and stick to it. Not completely changing it for their own good.
    AP Lamont

  10. This man brought up a quite a few good points, they were well thought out and dealt with many big problems that we have today in the modern church. I don't believe that any church has all of these aspects down and they very likely never will. I agree with his view on society and believe that we should all strive to have churches such as the one mentioned in this article.


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