Sunday, April 1, 2018

Should Women Be Ordained? - Part 6

This is part six in a series on what the Bible says in regards to the ordination of women in the church. Again, instead of rewriting what I believe has already been well laid out, I am sharing Dr. Jim Feeney’s writings on the subject for your edification. You may disagree, and that is your right, but please be able to point to the Bible for your reasons and not the culture.

Argument #6: “God is moving mightily in our time! These are special times. How can we hold back the anointed women preachers and teachers?”

A Biblical Response: The Book of Acts records highlights of the activities of the early Church in the first century. God was moving mightily then, too! And in those spectacular spiritual times recorded in the Book of Acts every single named fivefold preacher and teacher was a man. Every one. Despite the fact that those were clearly “special times”, we saw no women pastors, no women elders or apostles or other leaders and pulpit ministers of the early Church.

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