Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peru is Unprepared

I pray that this never happens.

"Yet this city of 9 million people is sorely unprepared. Its acute vulnerability, from densely clustered, unstable housing to a dearth of first-responders, is unmatched regionally. Peru's National Civil Defense Institute forecasts up to 50,000 dead, 686,000 injured and 200,000 homes destroyed if Lima is hit by a magnitude-8.0 quake."


  1. Mr. Speraman, I agree with you completely. Peru has the worst type of defense against any catastrophe. Peru is even afraid of too much rain falling on them, they believe if it rains too much the second great flood would occur,which would completely contradict the Bible because the Bible says that God would never destroy the world that way again. what he people of Peru should do is stop building a unfinished house. Peruvians always build one floor hoping that their children will build the next floor, which is extremely idiotic.

  2. Mr. Spearman, I agree with the article stating that Peru is utterly unprepared. For a country that has such frequent earthquakes (and tremors) like Peru, it is illogical that the country as a whole have no methods or equipment to prepare itself for a big earthquake. Where I live in Lima everything is surrounded by mountains (of dirt). The dirt is lose and it is obvious that with a big enough earthquake, it will all come tumbling down, crushing the community surrounding it. Not to mention that the materials builders use to build houses. When Carlos Zavala says "People are building with adobe just as they did in the 17th century", I couldn't agree more. My house is made out of materials that may not exactly be considered "poor" but will definitely not be seen being used in houses in the United States. Everything from the ceiling of my house to the paint on my back wall is old and falling apart. I wouldn't be shocked if one day my house just split in half, earthquake or not. Hopefully Peru will come to its senses sometime soon.

  3. Dear Mr. Spearman,
    Peru is in trouble! But not if we the people have anything to say about that! In science class we did a couple projects on earthquake preparedness. We thought of ideas to make building sturdier or at least to get everyone out in time! If only governments had the money and resources to put or ideas into play. Until there is another solution, I say we drop to our knees and pray!


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