Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wimpy Pastors

"Christian leaders have the wrong idea about Jesus, they see him as this little, wimpy guy who walked around plucking daisies and eating birdseed and saying nice things, but never doing anything controversial. The fact is, Jesus did confront his culture with truth -- and he ended up being crucified because of it." - Dr. Robert Jeffress

Check out his interview here: Pastor: ‘Wimpy’ won’t cut it in culture war

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  1. Dear Mr. Spearman,
    Jesus was not such a wimp. He did not just love and protect people. He did to those who were followers, but there were sinners too. Jesus, of course confronted the sinners. He told them what they were doing was wrong and he told them what they needed to do to fix it. (Accept Christ as their saviour)Christianity was very contraversial twoard the beliefs of some. Modern day Athiests do not belive in God because they do not want to live by rules, yet they know he exists. Jesus was crucified because people were too lazy to listen to him!


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