Saturday, March 9, 2013

Christ Banned from Council Invocations

Here is yet another perfect, yet sad example that we have truly become a nation of courts, that are ran by secularist, for the benefit of the minority.

‘Christ’ banned from Longview council invocations:

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  1. DEMOCRACY IS NOT THE SUPPRESSION OF THE MAJORITY! Most people have been led to believe that the proper way to be "democratic" in our decisions is to make sure that the majority is oppressed and the minority is elevated. I am not saying this to mean that the minority shouldn't have a voice but why would a vast majority of people in America have to abide by laws they don't agree with. Yet these people willingly forfeit their rights because it is what they have been taught. This is not only in the context of Christianity in America but also gay marriage and abortion laws. We, as a country, need to seriously reevaluate our view of democracy and educate ourselves in every aspect of the American culture to have an intelligent input opposed to spitting back what we've been told.


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