Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tolerance for Everything (Except God)

Tolerance for Everything (Except God) | Joe For America

Joe the Plumber does a pretty good job of laying it out there. The fainthearted might better not read this one.


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  2. In this article I totally agree with what Joe said when he said "I don't much care for [homosexuality]. Not saying that everyone that practices it is a bad person, I just don't care for their actions." I agree with this because it annoys me when people state that "I hate gays, therefore i hate that person because he is gay". Sure, I don't exactly care for homosexuality, but I do care that gay people are being judged just because they're gay. I met this really nice guy once who worked with my mom. Whenever I would come to visit my mom he would always say hi and we would talk. Then his husband came to work one day and everyone in the office just looked at him with this look of disgust. I was really annoyed at that because he was still a nice person, and just because he's GAY you can't be friends with him? That's kind of like saying "since that person is an alcoholic I can never be friends with him" or "since that person is from CHINA i can never be friends with him". No one is asking you to BECOME gay to be friends with him. Like him for his personality or don't like him for his personality, not because he's GAY. This reminds me of the saying "treat others the way you wanted to be treated". That is pretty much saying, if you're going to look at him in disgust, then you best be prepared for him to look at you with disgust. If you're going to treat him impolitly because of ONE aspect of him instead of his overall personality, then he will probably do the same to you. (Although, stereotypically, gays are nice people, just saying.) Pretty much, what I'm trying to say is that yes, I don't care that much for homosexuality, but just because someone is gay does not make them a bad person.


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