Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Church Orthodoxy Versus New Oprah-doxy

Here is an excellent article about the flip-flop by Rob Portman simply because a member of his family decided that he was gay.

One quote says, "Americans don’t think, they feel. They stumble through life gut first. Such e-motion stems from a culture that preaches “Baby, you were born that way,” and is subsidized by mediating social institutions — families, schools, the media — built on shifting sand."

Read it HERE.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article because it really brought home the idea that Christianity as a whole is starting to lose it's influence in America. As a pastor from Bethel Redding once stated, Christianity was not meant to be based on what the culture says about it but rather the culture be based on what Christianity says and stands for. Unfortunately, today's society would call this oppressing minorities or forcing my opinions on others. I think it is important for America as a whole, not only the secular or only the religious community, but the entire nation to stop accepting what is being handed to them by media, news, and popularity; to research and understand the true meaning behind what they believe. Don't confine your mind to the ideologies and opinions of others - rise above the social boundaries that have been placed on you by nature of being around them and explore truth . . .


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