Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#4 Yawning

Thom Rainer says that the #4 thing on his list that distracts a preacher  is people yawning. He says, "So I worked on this sermon 15 hours and this guy can't stop yawning. Maybe he was up all night, but I would rather him stay home and sleep." I agree that it is insulting to yawn in someone’s face. I challenge my students in this regard constantly, because the body-language of yawning screams, “You are boring me!” I go on to teach them that they do not have to yawn, especially when in the presence of company because there is actually a trick to stop it. When the yawn (or sneeze for that matter) begins to come, just place your index finger under your nose, push down and up until it feels a little uncomfortable. It will stop a yawn or a sneeze in its tracks. It will also encourage your preacher to keep going!

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