Saturday, June 1, 2013

Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood

Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood at Huge Pro-Abortion Conference |

"Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are." 

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  1. It is incredible that Girl Scouts are in favor of pro-abortion. It's impossible to believe that something Christian like girl's scouting has turned against it's true and real origin and now is for something so dramatically wrong as abortion. This isn't only allowing little girls starting for the ages of 5 and up to think that abortion is "okay". The sadest part is that in there isn't one pro-life organization recommended by GSUSA in their books. But there are a lot of pro-abortion. It's unreal to think that their recent work with International Planned Parenthood is to advocate for abortion. If rules like these are put in "their books" then what else are they capable of allowing, lesbians? Prostitutes? It's is shameful to yet take in that Girl's Scouting was once meant to honor God, and not it's totally against God. Therehas got to be an end to this, people need to open their eyes and do something about the terrible education and information that is being spread out to the youth and kids of our generation.


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