Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Presidency

Amazing the changes that can take place in one presidency.

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  1. Marraiage in the bible is something sacred and holy. Marraige is between a woman and a man. If Gay and lesbian marraige is allowed, marraige itself will never be the same. These people aren't going against those who make the laws about marraige in our common society, but they're going the against the God of law. If "equality" in marraige is made not only will this corrupt the nation's people, but bring destruction over it, for disobedience against God. God established laws and rules over the earth through His Bible, if people choose to ignore it due to their ignorence that's their problem. It's incredible how monstruos people have become. Same-sex marriage would and could destroy the institution of marriage. Another con is that same-sex marriage would require schools to teach tolerance.Not only that but those people could adopt babies and teach them the insane corruption of "same-sex" being okay. There has to be a majoy change in the world, and people must know that what they do here on earth will most definitely be judgded by God in His Second Coming.


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