Saturday, June 1, 2013

#5 People Frowning

Thom Rainer says that #5 on his list of things that distract a preacher is people frowning. To be honest with you, many Christians look like they have been baptized in lemon juice. Their faces are always puckered and they look like they just smelled something really bad. That shouldn't be. If there should be any people in this world who have a smile on their faces, it should be the children of God. Seriously, if God never did one more thing for us after salvation, it would be more than we deserved. Smile when the preacher looks at you in the service!

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  1. Isaac ayala said...
    I am obviously not preacher, but I can understand how frowning at someone while they are make a speech (especially a sermon) Is disencouraging. the people in the congregation ought to be attentive, even if they don't completely understand what the preacher is saying. They should make the pastor feel like he is doing a good job, because he is. One way to do this is by not frowning. Rather smile when the pastor looks at you, and always be attentive.


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